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Help provide a child an opportunity by supporting quality education.


Get Involved

Through quality education, we prepare youth to become inspired leaders, empowered to make a positive change in their communities.



Producing the next generation of critical thinkers.

“A low student-to-teacher ratio and a philosophy of open communication create an environment in which students are able to recognize their strength, find the passion, and seek guidance.”


Feeding not only the body but the and mind as well.

“We know that when are students are healthy, they arrive to school each morning ready to learn. We provide various services to ensure the mental, physical, and emotional health of our students.”


Creating the future leaders of the community.

“Our life skills program enables students to participate in designing their own curriculum, allowing them to focus on issues and challenges related to their culture and community. This prepares them to make positive decisions as a young, educated community member.”


Be inspired. Inspire others. Inspire change.

“An Orkeeswa education begins with our students and extends into the community. The strength and sustainability of the school relies on its relationship to the community.”

Watch the story of our student Bertha as she journeys from being just 1 of 34 kids in her family to 1 of the best students at Orkeeswa Secondary School.